SHEA BODY BUTTER w/Red Marine Algae & Japanese Green Tea

SHEA BODY BUTTER w/Red Marine Algae & Japanese Green Tea

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This body lotion incorporates the finest ingredients to renew your delicate skin.  Shea Butter is extracted from the pit of a fruit that grows wild in Central Africa.  The benefits of Shea Butter are healing, protecting, and moisturizing.  You will experience increased hydration levels to calm irritated skin.  8 oz bottle

Botanicals and Hawaiian Red Marine Algae provide skin firmness, skin thickness and also repair damaged skin. 

The powerful antioxidant Japanese Green Tea Extract is known for its anti-irritant properties, which prevent redness, rough skin and peeling caused by sun drenched skin or harsh weather.  Vitamin E, another antioxidant included in this unique formula, helps protect the skin from free radical damage.

Shea Body Butter reduces the appearance of stretch marks, increases hydration levels and improves skin thickness that is lost with aging.

Shea Butter (Butyrosperum Parkii) – Extracted from the Shea Tree that grows wild in Central Africa. Known for the protective properties from harsh environment, such as the hot sun. Provides hydration from loss of moisture.

Soybean Oil – an extract from soybeans. Composed mostly of triglycerides of oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids. Rich in Tocopheryl, the prime source of Vitamin E.

Red Marine Algae – Bio-fermentation red marine algae from Hawaiian Islands. Improves moisturize levels, reduces fine lines, increases skin firmness and elasticity while increasing cell turnover.

Japanese Green Tea Extract (Camellia Oleifera) – This extract helps reduce skin irritation and redness. Japanese Green Tea acts as an effective antioxidant to scavenge free radicals.


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